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Twins always gotta copy each other, eh? Months after Ephraim made his debut as a Legendary Hero in FEH, his sister Eirika, crown princess of Renais, has taken up the mantle as well, becoming the fourth sword user (and first sword cavalry) to don the Legendary mantle.

Eirika wields a fancy version of her Prf weapon titled Storm Sieglinde – similar to L!Ephraim’s Blazing Siegmund, it grants a bonus when she’s fighting solo, granting Def/Res +3 when she’s surrounded by more foes than allies. Combined with her A skill (Atk/Spd Solo, granting +6 to both stats when not adjacent to an ally) and she gets big boosts on her lonesome. She also comes with Moonbow, Odd Def Wave, and a unique B Skill, Lunar Brace (slows Special trigger, but boosts damage by 50% of the foes’ Def when it occurs).

And as with any Legendary Banner, you’ll be able to roll for a smattering of other units. For each color, we’ve got: Red (Legendary Eirika, Summer Tana, Flying Olivia). Blue (Legendary Ephraim, Sumia, Bridal Ninian), Green (Legendary Lyn, Male Grima, Bridal Sanaki), and Colorless (Female Grima, Innes, and Genny), all at a boosted 8% drop rate. The event lasts only a week, so get in your rolls while you can, summoners!

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Written by Amelia Fruzzetti

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