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Earlier this month, Blizzard kicked off a contest in honor of Diablo III coming to the Nintendo Switch. A scavenger hunt of links and QR codes, those who take on the challenge can enter to win a slew of prizes. Other than winning a copy of the game, the Nintendo Switch Diablo III: Eternal Collection bundle is up for grabs, too!

To enter, you’ll have to log in into your Blizzard account. After that, you’ll want to check Blizzard’s blog post detailing the event. To nab your first QR code, the Diablo Twitter account has been tweeting out clues on where you can find them. They’re even letting GameStop in on the fun, as they tweeted a reminder for a clue hiding on their site.


Below is a list of all prizes up for grabs for the event — including replica weapons from the series, made by Volpin Props.


Prizes Number of Winners
Replica of the Diablo 3 Harvester Weapon 1
Replica of the Diablo 3 Scythe of the Cycle Weapon 1
Replica of the Diablo 3 Oathkeeper Weapon 1
Replica of the Diablo 3 Kridershot Weapon 1
Replica of the Diablo 3 Fleshrake Weapon 1
Replica of the Diablo 3 Wand of Woh 1
Replica of the Diablo 3 Johanna’s Argument Weapon 1
Nintendo Switch™ Diablo III Eternal Collection Bundle 10
Digital Copy of Diablo III for the Nintendo Switch™ system (Game only) 50
Cute but Deadly Colossal Diablo Figures 100
Diablo “Pin of Sin” Pinny Arcade Collectible Pin 100

The contest will conclude on November 9th at 9:00 a.m. PT and winners will be contacted within ten days. Good luck hunting down all of the hidden treasures!


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Written by Jennifer Burch

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