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The folks behind the Musou/Warriors series have collaborated with a smattering of franchises over the years, from One Piece to Gundam to Berserk, and at this point have tackled two different Nintendo staples with Hyrule Warriors and Fire Emblem Warriors. But there may be potential in a third series from the Big N getting the Warriors treatment, as Masaki Furusawa – director of Hyrule Warriors and producer of Warriors Orochi 4 – sees potential in a Xeno Warriors.

The news comes from an interview with Miketendo 64, where Furusawa was asked about the potential of several franchises – including Falcom’s Ys and Koei Tecmo’s own Nights of Azure – getting the Warriors treatment. Furusawa replied:

“…As a personal opinion, I think that there would be potential for the “Ys” and “Xeno” series to be adapted, because, just as you mentioned, they feature characters having a strong impact, and would therefore, meld well with the Warriors series.”

This is hardly the most detailed response, but it’s certainly promising to fans of the entire Xeno franchise. It’s not clear whether the crossover would focus on just the three Xenoblade games or the entire meta-not-series that includes Xenogears and Xenosaga, especially considering the rights for each title are split between companies (Nintendo, Square Enix, and Bandai Namco respectively). Though considering KOS-MOS and T-elos are already in XBC2, we may not have to worry as much about that front.

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Written by Amelia Fruzzetti

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