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Ayyyyy, it’s ya boi swordlegend96 here back with the hottest NinWire news! It’s a beautiful day for all the dudes, dudettes, and beautiful indudetweens out there, because the hottest sim game around, Youtubers Life — where you get to live out the dream of becoming a YouTube star and being the coolest cat on the web — is comin’ to Nintendo Switch on November 14th in a special OMG Edition! Oh my gosh!

In-game, you’ll start off as a dope livin’ at your parents’ pad as you make videos in your attempt to climb the social ladder to become king (or queen) of the internet! Choose one of three channel types — Gaming, Music, and Cooking (wuh-oh, somebody hasn’t heard of the numbers makeup tutorials bring in!) — as you go to parties, connect with followers, and block lamer haters in a radical translation of the real life harassment that content creators face daily! Get wowed at the existential ennui your character faces halfway through as they wonder whether their career has contributed to society in any meaningful way! (Okay, those last couple aren’t on the feature sheet — “the feat sheet” for short — but I think any Youtube sim worth its salt would definitely have some kind of fatalistic edge, ya dig?)

You can check out the trailer below, and don’t forget to like, share, comment, subscribe, and whatever else you can do to us! Check out our other videos on the Yuh-tubs, and have a splendifantastmazing day, Wirers!



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