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The section at the bottom of this page contains Eevee images that were datamined from Pocket Camp. There may be potential spoilers ahead!

Once again, Pocket Camp proves that, yes, dreams do come true. This latest bit of news has been revealed by the official UK Animal Crossing Twitter page: The beloved Pokémon Eevee (one of my personal favorites!) will be coming to the mobile game through themed items!


As indicated through the mention of “find ’em all” in the tweet itself and then the gyroid figure paired with the Eevee plush in the photos, it’s safe to assume that we’ll be hunting down the ever adorable Eevee items in a new scavenger hunt.

We’ve already seen some incredibly fantastic collaborations through other Nintendo franchises, like Mario and Splatoon, so having Pokémon join the party is really no surprise at all. I’m elated by the prospect of seeing my Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp character among items that represent such a special Pokémon like Eevee. Once again, this only opens the door wider for more collaboration possibilities in the future.

Get ready for cuteness, campers: Eevee’s on the way to our campgrounds!

UPDATE: Dataminers have found even more information about tomorrow’s Eevee event in Pocket Camp. You’ll find a gallery of the Pokémon themed items that will be added to the game, courtesy of SenorDeeebs and other dataminers on Reddit.



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