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The wonderful folks over at Fangamer sent us all the newly released Undertale for Nintendo Switch products, and we couldn’t be more appreciative of the gesture. Check out what comes inside the package:

  • The complete UNDERTALE soundtrack: Over 100 songs on 2 CDs
  • UNDERTALE sheet music booklet featuring six songs with annotations by Toby Fox
  • A 14k gold-plated brass music box locket
  • A sturdy matchbox-style collector’s box
  • A standard edition copy of UNDERTALE for Switch

The game alone is a treasure to behold, and all the extra goodies that come with this special edition just make it that much better. Most notable are the musical locket and stunning cleaning cloth depicting the game’s characters in a stylized blue palette. (Your Switch will never be this stylishly clean, that’s for sure.)

You can order your own Undertale Collector’s Edition from Fangamer’s shop today! And if you’re only interested in the game (without the bonus items), there’s no need to fret: You can also order the standard game on the same page. Simply choose “Nintendo Switch Standard Edition” from the drop down menu.

We’re giving you an up close look at all the items included in the Collector’s Edition in our gallery below!


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Written by Lauren Ganos
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