Mods of Super Mario 64 are nothing new — indeed, as one of the first and most iconic 3D platformers of all time, it’s long been a playground for modders to mess around with. Most recently, Modder Kaze Emanaur was commissioned to make a mod for the Queen Koopa of the internet Bowsette, and he delivered.

There’s a couple impressive things about this mod beyond just the skin change: Bowsette has the ability to permanently throw fireballs to destroy things, and her voice clips are Peach’s modified to have Bowser’s vocal effects. But there’s no denying that seeing the hulking figure, confined to Mario’s animations and bowlegged like some sort of risqué cowboy, is on some level deeply perturbing. The harrowed gaze in her expression doesn’t help. Still, it’s good work, and hey, Kaze Emanaur got paid money for it, so it seems like a win-win situation for all, eh?

Anyway, we’re just anticipating someone modding the entire game so that every enemy is a Super Crown wearing princess. Whoever’s commissioning that has gotta have deep pockets.

Warning: The video below contains rather explicit language. You may want to keep that in mind before viewing!



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Written by Ben Fruzzetti

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