The newly announced Puyo Puyo eSports was playable at Tokyo Game Show 2018, to the point of a pro level tournament even being hosted during the event. One of the players in attendance going by Tom took a look at some of the options in the demo build of the game and discovered what might be a hint at an eventual localization of the game.

The shot above shows a page for setting up your profile for the game, with the highlighted option being location. It currently reads “Washington state (America)” and according to Tom features options for every state in the country as well as more countries along with the to-be-expected Japanese prefectures.

This is by no means a confirmation, but the fact that it features these options paired with the success of Puyo Puyo Tetris’ localization last year does give this some potential. Hopefully Sega of America will hard drop some news on the title in the near future.

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Written by Ricky Berg

When he isn’t writing for Nintendo Wire, Ricky’s anticipating the next Kirby, Fire Emblem, or if the stars ever align, Mother 3 to be released. Till then he’ll have the warm comfort of Super Smash Bros. to keep him going.