Meet “Bowsette,” a version of Bowser that looks like Peach because, come on, we knew this would happen eventually | Nintendo Wire

It’s been quite a week for Mario characters and adult content. First there was the whole incident with Toad a few days back, and now a whole bunch of Twitter users have taken to drawing Bowser using the Super Crown power-up from the recently announced New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe to become a horned, thick-eyebrowed, spike bracelet wearing version of Princess Peach dubbed “Bowsette.” But really, what did you expect from the internet?

The concept was originated in a @ayyk92 (whose follower count has gone from 72 to over 37,000 in a few days), which showed Mario and Bowser post-Odyssey ending — scorned and rejected by Peach — seeking an unorthodox solution to their lonely hearts. Japanese artists quickly caught wind, and the tag #クッパ姫 (“Koopa-Hime” – literally “Princess Koopa,” since Bowser’s name over there is just King Koopa) became the top trending term  on Twitter in the country before breaking 1 million tweets globally. From there it spread back to Western shores, and the fan art keeps rolling in without any signs of stopping soon. But really, what did you expect from the internet?


A whole bunch of people have gotten in on the trend, including manga artists like Yusuke Murata (One-Punch Man, Eyeshield 21) and Ookawa Bkub (Pop Team Epic). People have made magical girl transformations.There have been a myriad of takes on the concept — some that swap Peach’s blonde do for Bowser’s trademark red locks, others that give her a wider frame, and many that have her in a romantic tryst with either Mario or Peach. And others have started doing the same to other Mario creatures, like Boo. But really, what did you expect from the internet?

While there are a host of very cute takes on the concept, there’s no denying that a sizable plurality (if not a majority) of the art is… lustful in nature. And while I want to play the fool, and pretend like this is some crazy incident and why, oh why, would the masses do this… I’ve been using the world wide web my entire life, and I’ve started to grow accustomed to this sort of thing.


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  1. MH4 says:

    I love the concept but hate how NSFW it is

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  2. blackrose07 says:

    hot af!!!!!!

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  3. blackrose07 says:

    i also drew a bowsetta

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