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Splatoon 2’s segment during the recent Nintendo Direct had plenty new bits to show off, though post-broadcast rundowns have been limited to the new line of weaponry and what’s changing when it comes to Splatfests going forward. Looks like we’re getting a little more attention on something else shown off, with the original Japanese Splatoon Twitter spotlighting a new sub-weapon:


Called the Carbonated Bomb in Japanese, that’s exactly what this baby is. Rather than just toss it at the other team and watch the ink fly right away, you’ve got to cook this one for a bit. The most dangerous thing you can do to soda is shake it up, and Inklings are all about that kind of “living on the edge” lifestyle. I imagine it can get pretty powerful if you really hang onto it for a while before throwing, though judging by what footage we have of it, that comes at the cost of being able to fire your main weapon while you do so.

We’re still waiting to learn its official localized name, but in the meantime the tweet (and a Squid Research lab post supports that) mentions we won’t see it in-game until October.

Another tweet also had a screenshot each of the new special weapons coming, one being that orb of ink that forms above your character, and the other what looks like a massive hammer. Time and tireless Squid Researchers will tell what these are and what they do. For now, be ready to gear up for the upcoming Retro vs. Modern Splatfest.


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Written by Ricky Berg

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