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Switch owners are a month away from their trip to Shibuya in The World Ends With You. During yesterday’s Nintendo Direct, the RPG was briefly spotlighted to go over some of what’s new to this release with a trailer following shortly after.

Not so much new as it is different, the system only has one screen which changes the way battles play out a bit. That said, you can still play this one with the touch screen to match up to the original or get with the times and play with more standard controls. And if you’ve got a partner around? Pass ‘em a Joy-Con and take this Reaper’s Game on together.

Most notable though is the game’s brand new scenario, called “A New Day”. You’ll take on a newly laid out Shibuya with extra difficult Noise enemies, with the Reaper Coco overseeing the occasion. Cute as she looks, there’s definitely something to be wary of when it looks like the whole city’s at stake.

You can learn about and experience this yourself when the countdown to Final Remix wraps up on October 12th.

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Written by Ricky Berg

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