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A few of the best bits of Brawl fanservice were the Metal Gear Solid Codec calls. Occurring on Shadow Moses Island when you performed a certain taunt with Snake, he and his support team would have something to say about every fighter. Even Star Fox’s Slippy managed to hack the channel to chime in on Falco, making these a real treat.

They came back in some form via Palutena’s Guidance in Smash for Wii U, but now that Metal Gear is back for Ultimate we’re all waiting to see if the newer characters get the same treatment. At a recent Metal Gear panel during Fan Expo Boston 2018, the voice of Snake David Hayter himself spoke about the feature.


Hayter states that he hasn’t recorded anything for Codec calls in Smash Ultimate at this time. He’s offered to directly to Nintendo, but if his word’s to be taken it seems they’re taking their time for new recordings. We’re hopeful that more will make it in, and Hayter seems genuinely enthused to be back as Snake after Metal Gear Solid 5 had the character recast.


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Written by Ricky Berg

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