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While today’s Nindies Showcase was full of surprises and old indie favorites, two in particular stood out during the release date montage right before the end. From Supergiant Games, both Bastion and Transistor will be coming to Switch in the coming months.

Both of these were incredible, playing well while delivering their stories via in-game narration that I never got tired of. Both feature distinct visuals, stunning music, and a high degree of customization rooted in their game worlds, making them worth checking out for sure.


Bastion will be here first, coming to Switch on September 13th. Casting you as a nameless Kid traversing a ruined world, it offers multiple weapons and skills to use as you explore for signs of life and shreds of hope, all in an isometric and beautiful world.


Transistor, on the other hand, heads into a futuristic, technologically rooted society. You play as Red, a lounge singer caught up in the middle of a conspiracy/invasion. Wielding a massive sword previously used to try and kill her, it offers a similar degree of freedom in how you kit and upgrade yourself while taking on its unique, pseudo-active, turn-based battle system. It’ll be coming this November.

Still no word for their third game, Pyre, but all is looking great for Supergiant Games making for another studio set in on the Switch’s growing indie library.


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Written by Ricky Berg

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