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Several new pieces of information about Super Mario Party — Nintendo’s complete refresh of the long-standing party game franchise — have been revealed during a showcase of the game at Gamescom 2018, including the existence of a new co-op mode called “River Survival” and a new fruit-based game board.

“River Survival” appears to place players together in a boat on a river, forcing them to work cooperatively to row along it (using Joy-Con motion controls), running into intersections and obstacles during their travel.

A timer is also present, meaning it’s game over when it runs out.

By hitting balloons along the water, players can partake in co-op mini-games.

After completing a minigame, additional time will be added to the game timer.

Ultimately, the goal of “River Survival” is to generate enough time by playing mini-games to make it to the end of the river.

Check out the full gameplay video (and the new game mode):


Update: Nintendo has uploaded another video, this time showing off ten minutes of direct footage. Check it out:


Super Mario Party will be released worldwide on October 5th.

What’re your thoughts on “River Survival,” and the game as it’s shaping up overall? Let us know in the comments!


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