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Back during E3, Nintendo briefly introduced Daemon X Machina, a mech action game made in collaboration with Marvelous. Not a lot of info was shared about it at the time, with any insight coming from Treehouse Live and other sources. Today, a new video’s been shared featuring a Q&A with the game’s director, Kenichiro Tsukuda.


In it, he discusses the game’s freedom of customization, where you can find or steal weapons on the map and equip them to your mech on the spot. He also provides insight on the game’s story and concepts, staff, and the appeal of mech based games.

As it’s a genre that doesn’t come along all that often, it’s great to hear his take on it. He assures people that plenty is being done to make the game accessible and fun for players new to the genre while maintaining a certain level of depth in combat and customization. He speaks of the appeal of developing for the Switch as well, seeing its home and on the go hybrid nature as a unique challenge as a developer.

Look forward to more on Daemon X Machina, its feature, and world in the coming months.


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Written by Ricky Berg

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