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Few single-player RPGs have gotten as much support post-launch as Xenoblade Chronicles 2, which has received monthly updates that add content and features for the past half-year alongside additions for those who purchased the game’s Expansion Pass. Now there’s a trailer spotlighting a number of the Pass’s additions, as well as providing our first English-voiced footage of the upcoming Torna ~ The Golden Country DLC.

The trailer showcases a couple of new Blades in the Pass (Crossette and Poppibuster), as well as the recently added Battle Challenge Mode that features Shulk and Fiora from the first game. The second half of the trailer shifts to talking about the Torna DLC, most of which was already shown in E3 material, though we do get to hear Adam’s voice in English for the first time all game.

You can check out the trailer below — but be warned that it does contain some mild spoilers for the main story of Xenoblade Chronicles 2. The Torna DLC drops September 14th, with the physical version releasing a week later.



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Written by Amelia Fruzzetti

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