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Cheat codes might be a thing of the past for the most part, but then again so is Sonic Mania. And it looks like this perfect blend of then and now from Sega and its dev team has another throwback hiding under the hood…

Over on the Sonic Stadium, a listing of Sonic Mania Plus cheat codes have come to light. First thing’s first, you’ll have to turn on Debug mode. Then by going to Mania mode, holding the Y button on your Switch, and selecting a No Save file you’ll access the game’s stage select. From there you’ll have to go to the sound select and play the numbered sounds in various sequences for their effects

  • 3 3 3 1 9 7 9 0 8 1 1 – Changes all animals into squirrels
  • 4 1 2 6 – All Emeralds
  • 1 9 9 2 1 1 2 4 – Infinite Continues
  • 2 0 1 8 0 6 2 3 – Force Encore Mode
  • 1 9 8 9 0 5 0 1 – Unknown
  • 2 0 1 7 0 8 1 5 – Super Sonic Flight in normal levels
  • 9 0 0 1 – Max Control for Sonic
  • 0 0 0 0 6 2 1 4 – Disable Super Music

Some notable interactions can be triggered if you use multiple codes as well. The Max Control for Sonic (which gives him the Drop Dash, Super Peel Out, and Insta-Shield moves all at the same time) can be passed on to the rest of the cast via forcing Encore Mode and switching over to another character. Also note that the Encore code doesn’t work unless you’ve purchased the Encore DLC.

Give all these a try and see what else you can come up with on top of the already great as-is game. Jury may still be out on what the Unknown code does as of this writing, but one thing we do know is that this Sonic game just keeps getting better and better.

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Written by Ricky Berg

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