In a new update launched for Mario Kart 8 Deluxe this evening, a (somewhat) new playable character has been added: Champion’s Tunic Link is now available as a racer. After updating, going to the character select screen will show the player that Link has been replaced by Champion’s Tunic Link. Selecting him will allow you to choose between the two Links, much like picking which color of Yoshi or Shy Guy you would like to race as.

The Master Cycle Zero has also been added as a vehicle, along with the Ancient Tires and Paraglider. These additions come after confirmation that updates are still being worked on for Nintendo’s premier kart racer, and hopefully this isn’t the last one!

You can view the announcement and a trailer for the update below:



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Written by Jaxson Tapp

While Jaxson's time is currently filled with writing for Nintendo Wire and making sure he remembers to bring his 3DS absolutely everywhere, the greatest occupier of his time will always be anxiously waiting for Luigi's Mansion HD to be announced.

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