Nintendo has always been known for its crazy ideas. Some of them work, like the two screen novelty of the DS, or the motion control that debuted with the Wii. Some of Nintendo’s risks, however, don’t work at all.

The Virtual Boy is the classic example of a hardware innovation that came well before its time. Virtual reality still feels young even in today’s tech landscape, and the Virtual Boy is already over 20 years old! Nintendo’s odd spinoff of the Game Boy line had only red and black games, was known for inducing headaches, and failed on the market after only a year.

These days, the console is very hard to come by at a cheap price, not to mention the difficulty of hunting down some of its rarest games.

If you’re dying to play through the Virtual Boy’s library, you can with the fanmade VBjin emulator. The emulator is designed to play Virtual Boy games on the Oculus Rift headset. The games are still red and black, but it seems that the headaches and the neck cramping are no longer huge issues like they were with the original hardware. You likely won’t find any hidden gems deep within the Virtual Boy library, but you can experience one of the stranger pieces of Nintendo history.





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Written by Logan Plant

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