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Sonic Mania Plus is almost upon us, and with it comes Encore Mode, Mighty & Ray as playable characters, and the chance to have this amazing game physically on your shelf instead of just your console. Ahead of release, Sega has uploaded a Developer Diary detailing the game’s art direction.


Many topics were touched on here, like how difficult it was to bring Mighty & Ray back from a design standpoint. No part of them is reused from existing assets, but what few original design documents there were for the characters were consulted heavily to make them consistent with their earlier appearances.

We also learned a bit of how Studiopolis came together as a zone and that its concept predates Mania. It was the very first new zone shown off and it stands out even amongst the others as one of Mania’s best — it’s cool to see just how long in the making it was. There’s also a discussion on Encore Mode’s color choices, and some quick snippets of new footage at the end.

You can still order yourself a copy of Sonic Mania Plus for Nintendo Switch (or be ready to update your current copy of Mania) ahead of its July 17th release.


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Written by Ricky Berg

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