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Kotaro Uchikoshi — director and writer of the Zero Escape series and patron saint of snails everywhere — has revealed his new game at Anime Expo. After teasing the game last year, it has been officially titled AI: The Somnian Files, is confirmed for Nintendo Switch, and looks to be another story-based mind bending adventure.

The game features Date, a detective with a mechanical left eye, who goes into people’s dreamscapes to extract information on crimes. Character designs are being handled by Yusuke Kozaki of No More Heroes, Fire Emblem Awakening, and Pokémon GO fame. Art was shown off of Date and another character, a YouTuber-type celebrity named Iris. Uchikoshi also discussed the triple word play of the title — it’s obviously the acronym for Artificial Intelligence, but is supposed to be pronounced like the English word “eye” in reference to Date’s special ocular unit. Yet “ai” (愛) in Japanese means “love,” which according to Uchikoshi is one of the game’s core themes.

Those are about all the details we know for now. Stay wired for future updates on the game, including a release date and more.



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