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There’s only about a week left until the hotly anticipated Octopath Traveler drops, and director Keisuke Miyauchi and producer Masashi Takahashi are celebrating by showcasing their artistic sensibilities and drawing a cast illustration in a new video posted to the NOA Twitter.


At first, one is left to doubt the men’s skill with a pen, as their scrawling doodles look more like the work of kindergartners, but it ends up coalescing into a gorgeous piece by the end. In fact, the transition from “wanton scribbles” to “beautiful sketch” takes place in the span of about three seconds, during which one of the gentlemen’s head happens to obscure the camera view. It seems rather unfortunate — I would have loved to see how these apparent artistic geniuses draw so gorgeously and so quickly! It almost looks like work from a professional art lead or something.

While we may never know how these men crafted the pleasant picture in such a speedy manner, you can still catch Octopath Traveler for yourself when it drops on July 13th.


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Written by Amelia Fruzzetti

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