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We didn’t have to wait long for the Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker demo to hit the North American Switch and 3DS eShops, as it’s now live for all players to download.

If you’re interested in what the gameplay looks like, you can check out our video of the Japanese version of the demo below.

Everyone’s favorite high-pitched mushroom is ready to not-jump his way through some puzzling stages all over again! Captain Toad is coming back on Switch and 3DS next month, and to prepare for that, a demo has been made available for each platform in the Japanese eShops. More than likely, the US versions will follow shortly — and while you wait, we’ve got you covered with some footage.


It’s a fairly short run-through, but the touchscreen controls are intact on Switch and suit the game well. Thanks to the lack of region locking, you can give it a go yourself, or be on the lookout for the localized release.

Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker will be out, with brand new Super Mario Odyssey inspired levels, for Switch and 3DS starting July 13th.


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