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SNK has shared an update on the NEOGEO mini console. Specifically, they uploaded a video presentation outlining the creation of the original system, what to expect from the new mini version, and the lineup for both the Japanese and International versions.

That’s right, just like with other recent micro consoles there will be some slight differences between releases — 14 games to be exact. The quick and easy version is to say that the more colorful Japanese cab will feature more fighting games (like many versions of King of Fighters), while the International release instead has more action games (adding more versions of Metal Slug, for example). You can check out the full lineups, along with insight and information, in the complete presentation.


Sadly, no details on a release date or price were given, other than a vague “summer” for the Japanese version. What’s more certain is that anyone heading to E3 this year will be able to play the NEOGEO mini and its many games on the show floor.


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Written by Ricky Berg

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