The very first announcement out of today’s Pokémon press conference was Pokémon Quest, a Switch and mobile title that puts our favorite collectible creatures in a cube-y spotlight.

Taking place on Tumblecube Island, a blocky piece of land ”known to be filled with hidden treasures and special items,” you’ll explore with teams of up to three Pokémon to gather treasure, make new friends, and battle wild Pokémon. You can use special items called Power Stones to strengthen your team of Pokémon, assigning them special characteristics and making them all your own.





Pokémon Quest will be free-to-start and will be available on Nintendo Switch and smartphones later this year.


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Written by Jaxson Tapp

While Jaxson's time is currently filled with writing for Nintendo Wire and making sure he remembers to bring his 3DS absolutely everywhere, the greatest occupier of his time will always be anxiously waiting for Luigi's Mansion HD to be announced.

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