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It’s something we all know, it’s something we all love, and it’s all coming back in a brand-new way. Today, in its Japanese press event, The Pokémon Company announced Let’s Go, Pikachu! and Let’s Go, Eevee!, enhanced remakes of Pokémon Yellow Version. But to call them just that would be a disservice, as rather than just taking you back to Kanto with a fresh coat of paint, this is an all-new way to play Pokémon.



Trainers will be given either Pikachu or Eevee as their partner Pokémon, but rather than merely following, they’ll be palling around on your person the whole way through. Your head, your shoulder, wherever they please, your starter is going to be right there with you.

The game’s look is in line with Gen VII’s style, though with a lot more polish on Switch. Meeting Professor Oak, getting your first Pokémon, and running through Kanto has never looked this good, but it’s when battles start that things really take a turn.



Rather than emulate the standard battle style, the game is borrowing mostly from Pokémon GO.

The game reveals it’s controlled with a single Joy-Con, with which you’ll be tossing PokéBalls in a capture system that’s straight out of the mobile title.

It looks like battling wild Pokémon is out of the equation, and tossing PokéBalls based on timing is the new norm here.

Pokémon aren’t even exactly random anymore, clearly running around the overworld in the tall grass or caves. You want to catch a Pidgey for the millionth time? Go for it. Don’t want trip over Geodude after Geodude in Mt. Moon? That’s cool, too.

But what about your second Joy-Con? Now you can play drop-in/drop-out co-op Pokémon with someone beside you, controlling another trainer and running through the exact same environments.

Captures look to be a team effort, taking both “tosses” into account, though what happens if both trainers get the Pokémon in question wasn’t shown in the trailer.

Standard battles are back, though, and you can even keep the co-op rolling with double battles, or even two-on-ones. Take a hopeless Bug Catcher’s lunch money together with the combined power of your Pokémon.

You aren’t limited to Pikachu or Eevee, either, as a trainer-controlled Bulbasaur was shown.

Pokémon will also maintain their ability to have up to four attacks rather than the single move style of Pokémon GO.

With controls being simple as tosses and a few button presses, Nintendo’s even releasing a special PokéBall controller for the game.

With built-in rumble, lights, and speakers, it’ll be able to make noises and shake in your hand, as well as light up after a successful capture.

You’ll be able to control everything in the game via this special controller, as scrolling through the Pokédex was shown with entries straight out of Yellow Version.

The controller isn’t just for show, though, as it looks to be bridging the gap between the old Pokéwalker accessory and Pokémon GO itself.

You’ll be able to take Pikachu (and, presumably, at least Eevee) with you wherever you go in the actual PokéBall, downloading your Pokémon’s data to the real world item.

Perhaps the most impressive thing shown of all (and that’s saying something by this point) is the full connectivity between the game and Pokémon GO.

By connecting your smartphone to your Switch, you’ll be able to transfer caught Pokémon into a Let’s Go, Pikachu! and Eevee! location called GO PARK.

This’ll be limited to the original 151 and Alolan forms as is, but still offers a new step forward and level of integration between platforms we haven’t seen before.

In the last few highlights of the trailer, a lot of quick and cool things were shown. Ride Pokémon look to be back, including Onix as an option now. This is even possible with your Pikachu or Eevee at their perch, now granting the grandest dream of riding a Pokémon while a Pokémon rides you.

They’re even bringing back the Walking Pokémon feature from Heart Gold and Soul Silver, by the look of things, again without clashing with your starter.

More bits were shown, including the ability to dress up and customize Pikachu and Eevee.

This is much more involved than the Cosplay Pikachu from Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire, with separate accessories, hats, and clothes to mix-and-match based on what was shown.

Even if only wild Pokémon are handled in the GO style, it’s clear plenty of battling will be in-game with several attack animations and Pokémon shown, including a showdown with Team Rocket.

Even Mewtwo is back, looking much more imposing and powerful in a recreation of that very first discovery in Cerulean Cave.

It really is your first adventure in a new style, bringing Pokémon back to the beginning to grow and advance. But there’s also something else brand-new apparently, with the trailer ending with a mystery gift being sent from a Switch to a smartphone — “You’ll Meet a Special Pokemon” indeed with what could be the first full tease of a Gen VIII Pokémon.



It won’t be much of a wait to find out, though. The games are releasing November 16th, along with the now-named “PokéBall Plus” controller.

With that, the world of Pokémon expands onto Nintendo Switch and back into our hearts, with several new changes and expansions. But this is most likely just scratching the surface, with more info to come in the very near future.

Look forward to becoming the very best all over again — later this year!

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