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Ubisoft revealed a new trailer for its upcoming Mario + Rabbids DLC focusing on everybody’s favorite tie-wearing ape, Donkey Kong. Now we have even more details on what the expansion will offer up, and it appears to be a substantial update to an already full game.

Most of the deets concern DK and Rabbid Cranky’s skillsets. Let’s start with the first member of the DK crew — his primary weapon is the Bwananarang, ,which hits multiple enemies with a single toss, and his secondary is a ground pound that smashes nearby enemies. Like all other non-Rabbid characters, he has a reactive shot (Hairy Eye) ability that hits within range, and unique to him a move (Magnet Grove) that pulls enemy closer so he can pound them flat or get a clear shot. DK also has the special ability to uproot terrain on the map and hurl it at enemies, dislodging cover or tossing allies/enemies across the map. He can even uproot those pesky Rabbid ears that portent new enemies, sending them smacking into whatever foe or object you wish.

Rabbid Cranky, meanwhile, wields his cane (known as a Boombow), which has a short range but a very wide spread of attack, as well as a Barrel Bolt, a lob attack with a big area of effect similar to the main game’s grenades — his loadout appears fairly similar to Peach’s in the main game. He also has a reaction shot ability (Stink Eye) and can put nearby enemies to sleep with his Long Story ability.

Rabbid Peach sports the same type of equipment and skills as in the main game, but has new weapons to unlock in the Battle HQ.

DK Adventure has the full expansion treatment, which means a new world with new environments to explore and puzzles to solve, as well as battlefields with new and unique features. You can check out the full details of the expansion of Ubisoft’s blog. Stay wired for more news on the DLC in the future, including a release date.


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