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Building up to its release in July, the official Japanese Splatoon Twitter account is sharing more music from the Octo Expansion DLC. Step aside Off the Hook, we have a new Octoling DJ bringing music to the masses in the underground.

Dedf1sh, a play on deadmau5, has an interesting history that hints at the plot of Octo Expansion. From the thread on r/Splatoon, the tweet sharing Dedf1sh has been translated and cleaned up to the following:

Dedf1sh is an Octoling DJ who tried to pursue a music career for her future, and went to the facility where Octo Expansion takes place to help with that. However, she got “sanitized” in the process, losing her will. She still makes music, though.

Sanitized? Sounds like this is something that Agent 8 avoided. In fact, this process that’s been performed with Octolings might explain the green skin and blue tentacle-hair. While we wait for Agent 8’s adventure to begin, we can check out Dedf1sh’s “Catalog Mix”:


Squid kids, do you hear anything familiar in Dedf1sh’s remix? Here’s a hint: Check out the music from the first Splatoon!

Splatoon 2: Octo Expansion is scheduled to be released in July, possibly on July 13th, if earlier leaked reports are correct. You can pre-order the DLC on the Nintendo eShop in the meantime and receive some Octoling themed gear now.


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Written by Jennifer Burch

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