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We’ve been awaiting the release of all the recently datamined Super Mario Odyssey outfits, with only new hint art to tide us over in the meantime. Sometimes people just gotta take matters into their own hands, and that’s just what the duo of Mizumi and GRAnimated did. By editing some internal files they were able to work the costumes-to-be into the game and take ‘em for a test ride through Tostarena.

You’ll get to see them in action, what Cappy looks like in each, their 8-bit appearance and more via the quick demo each gets. Mario’s already snatched away the Broodals’ livelihood, now see what happens he raids their closets. Want to know what Cappy’s like when he’s capturing an axe? Got you covered!

The real star here is the 8-bit Mario hat, putting the portly plumber into the same pose as the Modern Mario 30th anniversary amiibo no matter what. Rolling, jumping, hat tossing: he’s locked in and lookin’ good. There may eventually be more animations, as all of this is preliminary and unreleased content, but even if it stays the same it’ll see some use from me.

No word on when these will show up in game for real, but with E3 coming closer we could be getting some Odyssey news real soon.

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Written by Ricky Berg

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