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Another month brings another update to Fire Emblem Heroes, which had its v2.5 patch dropped late yesterday (just before the new Genealogy focus lands tonight). It has a bevy of additions, including but not limited to the following:

  • Arena restructuring: you can now chain only five consecutive victories instead of seven, and now get chain rewards for clearing a certain number of battles in a row instead of Offense Rewards at the end of a season. Any Arena bonus allies on your team also now get a stat boost.
  • Two characters get new weapons — Clair (Rhomphaia) and Camilla (Camilla’s Axe). These two have refinery options as well, as does M!Corrin’s Yato.
  • Tap Battle will now get Extra Stages starting from the fourth day of each event onward. You can also get Hero Merit by clearing songs.
  • In Rival Domains, enemies can no longer attack immediately after warping, and are also fixed instead of randomized. The pool of enemies also doubles to 40 instead of 20, meaning you’re less likely to run into duplicates throughout the battle.
  • Players just starting the game will have initial characters at 4-star instead of 2-star, and get a 4-star Takumi to start with. If you’re a current player, you’ll get the Takumi too, as well as a bunch of resources like Feathers, Badges, and Shards.
  • Movies no longer trigger when summoning certain heroes (Marth, Lucina, Camilla, etc.).
  • More Sacred Seal Forge options.

You can check out the in-game notice or Nintendo’s Fire Emblem page for the full, dirty details.


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Written by Amelia Fruzzetti

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