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Sonic games have had their share of inter-game distractions over the years. While the “adventures” of these are what usually get cited, the varied modes are just as welcome. Sonic Mania brought along plenty, from Blue Sphere to even a working Puyo Puyo mode. Now, through Twitter, fans are getting asked what their favorite is, with the winner being pretty obvious.


If you haven’t voted yourself, rest assured that Chao Garden reigns supreme. So many hours of my Sonic Adventure 2 playtime was due to my love for Chao Garden. Collecting animals to raise these cute little hatchlings, racing ‘em, and even transferring them to a Game Boy Advance or VMU was addicting to the point I’d grind levels just to get certain, rarer animals to have my chao just the way I want it (Dark-Swim with unicorn and seal features, thank you very much).

The other modes mentioned aren’t too shabby themselves. Competition has been around since the classics and made its way back into Mania, with Mania Plus getting four-player this time. The character customization of Forces is interesting to see on the list, and poor Time Trial takes the rear — probably for not being anything “different” as far as the game goes.

No telling what this poll is being used for, but if it’s bringing something back in a future game and you don’t have your own preference, I implore you to vote Chao Garden. It doesn’t exactly need more votes to win the poll, but Sega needs to know we want it back.


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Written by Ricky Berg

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