Things have been awfully quiet for the surprise fighting game collaboration between Studio Saizensen and Nicalis, Blade Strangers. Announced last E3, other than the occasional bit of news and gameplay there just hadn’t been anything new to report. That’s why this development is exciting: once again, out of nowhere, we’ve got a pair of videos for the game to get you all excited.

The first video showcases all gameplay, featuring characters we knew about, and some new faces entering the ring, too. In it, we get to see new, original character Helen as well as the Umihara Kawase character Emiko riding atop a giant cat to instantly make me want to play her. There’s also more to see of the previously announced characters, such as a return to pixels for Cave Story’s Curly Brace.


We also have the game’s opening animation, showing off the whole cast. This includes characters Noko (another Umihara Kawase rep) and Code of Princess’ Liongate. There’s also the confirmation that new character Lina, presumably the robotic girl seen on the game’s box art and now in this video, will also be playable and may serve as the game’s villain.


You can read up on Blade Strangers a bit more on the official Nicalis blog. This isn’t the whole of the game’s cast though, as Nicalis has stated there will be four surprise “guest star” characters yet to be unveiled. Look forward to their reveals, the game’s release date, and our own coverage of it when Blade Strangers takes the fight to Switch this summer.


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Written by Ricky Berg

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Ricky Berg