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With new hardware comes that drive to crack it open, and it sounds like that may be the case for the Switch. Unlike past hardware exploits, such as the 3DS’ known reliance on the game Cubic Ninja, this is all based on the Switch itself. More specifically, it comes down to the the Nvidia chip powering the system. What this means more simply is that the exploit can’t be easily patched out, as it’s an intrinsic part of the Switch.

Don’t think you can pull this off without risk or worry though. Some skill and understanding is required to trigger the state that allows the system to run non-Switch software ROMs. By shorting out a pin in the right Joy-Con, you can force the Switch into USB recovery mode, where it can then read the desired files from an external source.

Multiple circles are reporting their findings and progress on the matter, such as running known GameCube emulator Dolphin on the system. More significantly, it opens things up for the homebrew community to create original works, applications, and more for the system. That said, we as a site do not condone or support piracy of Nintendo or any other company’s titles, and also stress that any tampering with your system can lead to irreparable damage and voided warranties.

If you’re interested in the process and background, you can read a much more fluent and full account on Gizmodo. Keep an eye out for further developments or some sort of potential response from Nintendo, and remember to do what you will at your own discretion.   


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Written by Ricky Berg

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