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While the Octo Expansion is the new freshness, Splatoon 2’s next big update was also shown off last Direct. It’s just about time for it to surface and make a splash for all you multiplayer loving squidkids out there who can’t stop swimming up the ranks. Best of all, you’ll only have to wait a few more hours as if this (official) Tweet is to be believed it’s launching soon!

The biggest addition here is arguably Rank X, the new highest rank attainable. Those of you proud of your place at the top will have to climb a little higher now! It’s not just for your hardcore crowd though, as the game’s adding in about a hundred new pieces of gear to pick up from the shops. Become the trend setter you never knew you could be with the latest Inkling fashions.

All of this will come alongside various tweaks and balance changes with respect to weapons and other facets of the game. Not to mention it’ll give best girl Callie a little more time in the spotlight if you see her around Octo Canyon, and add in some new music as well. And while it’s not tied to the 3.0 specifically, we are getting a new (returning) map around the same time in the form of Camp Triggerfish!

That should just about do it for Version 3.0, but be on the lookout for official English notes and the exact release time as well. We’ll be sure to let you know so you can keep making your mark all over Inkopolis.

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Written by Ricky Berg

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