If you’ve been waiting to drum up some fun on Switch, Taiko no Tatsujin has you covered. Localized as Taiko Drum Master, the latest version of the game is coming to the Nintendo Switch in Japan — and with its website officially open, we finally have some new details about the game.


We already knew the game would be played with the Joy-Con in place of drumsticks and that the game would feature a few Nintendo songs thanks to its appearance in the last Direct. The site has now provided us with details on the game’s controls, characters, and more.

Most pressingly, its song list is now partially presented. Taiko is said to feature over 70 songs, though for now only around 20 are shown. Broken into Pop, Anime theme songs, Vocaloid songs, Variety, Classical, and Game Music, the very bottom of the list is where you’ll want to look for familiar Nintendo songs. “Jump Up, Super Star” and the “Splatoon 2 Medley” are currently the only ones present, but it’s important to point out that one of the Pokémon anime themes will also appear on the list.

Time will tell if this’ll be localized in any way (a difficult task due to music licensing), but thanks to the Switch’s region free status and the game’s straightforward playstyle, the game should be a cinch to grab in the eShop once it releases this summer.


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Written by Ricky Berg

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Ricky Berg