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Sonic Mania’s new update went live early on PlayStation 4 (that was quickly pulled, making it unavailable now), and there are a few changes that have been pointed out. Nothing major was shown, but if you want to stay completely in the dark, don’t read on!

New transitions

A user on Reset Era by the name of Zonic linked to Twitch videos showing some new transitions between levels. Flying Battery to Press Garden, Oil Ocean to Lava Reef, and Metal Madness to Titanic Monarch all feature new transition cutscenes, including some fun new inclusions of hang gliders and submarines.






Metal Sonic boss fight

A big change to Mania will be the revamped Metal Sonic boss fight. Now, Eggman uses the Phantom Ruby on Metal Sonic, which makes him about as large as he appears in Sonic Heroes. The boss fight doesn’t look too difficult, but it was surprising to see such a big change to the game.

We’ll be sure to update you if any more news breaks for Sonic Mania Plus, so stay tuned!


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