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Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp has been gearing up for the game’s next big update, which is releasing to players around the world very soon. As mentioned previously in our piece dedicated to the introduction of fortune cookies, three popular animals will have their own series of items available through the cookies: Marshal’s Pastry Cookie, Rosie’s Pop-Star Cookie, and Filbert’s Rocket Cookie. The official Animal Crossing Twitter account has been busy raising the hype for the new item arrivals by hosting a poll that determines which animal and its series are the most popular. Well, the results are finally in for those of you who have participated:


That’s right, folks: our very own grumpy-yet-sweet looking squirrel and his pastry collection have won the hearts of the majority of Pocket Camp players! Smashing the competition with 62% of the votes, Marshal takes the cake this time around. (On a personal note, I’m completely stoked, as Marshal has been one of my top favorite animals in the Animal Crossing series for years, and I truly believe his sweet tooth deserves the win.)

Whether or not you actually voted for Marshal, you can look forward to receiving your free fortune cookie in-game on April 19th.

Happy camping, Pocket Campers!

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Written by Lauren Ganos
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