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Plenty of new and interesting faces popped up during the Octo Expansion’s debut, and one of the standouts was a giant isopod gentleman with his dark shades and bulging suitcase full of who-knows-what. Well, thanks to the hard work of the Squid Research Lab, we finally know a little bit more about him.


Noted as being a little scary looking but ultimately kind, he seems to be an enthusiast of the highest order. Willing to head to the Deepsea Metro in the interest of his hobbies, he’s after a certain “something.” Judging by how many bright and colorful goods are coming out of his briefcase, it’s going to be an interesting ride working with this guy.

That something he’s after is…


… These little cuties. You’ll earn them by completing challenges in the Octo Expansion, and they seem to be the key to Agent 8’s lost memories. But why would returning them to our new isopod fellow tie into that?

Only time will tell what all of these pieces of the puzzle really mean, though I’m sure those at the overseas branch of the Squid Research Lab are already breaking down the details for an English language reveal.


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Written by Ricky Berg

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