The latest game in a truly weird series that has had rhythm cooking games, beat-em-ups, and a water gun shooting game will see its latest release shockingly come to the West on the Switch this summer.

Shinobi Refle: Senran Kagura, which will release here as Senran Kagura Reflexions, is basically a “massage” simulator (“massage” having record-breaking quotation marks around it), and would probably garner you some strange and disappointed looks if you played it in public.

Here’s the PR statement from XSEED Games, the western publisher:

“After brutal melees, rhythmic cooking contests, and shockingly serious water gun fights, the Senran Kagura series is ready to take on the world of interactive storytelling for the first time and give players a chance to get to know the shinobi heroine Asuka in surprising new ways. Senran Kagura Reflexions uses the unique properties of the Joy-Con to employ the art of reflexology and massage. Melt away Asuka’s worries and stresses by hand or through a variety of useful tools and explore deeper relationships than have ever been possible in the series before.

The advanced HD rumble technology provides a more realistic sense of interaction and feeling with Asuka, helping guide players to react to her signals and deliver some much-needed relaxation. Interacting with her in different ways will lead players across branching paths toward one of seven different story scenes and six unique endings — and that’s just for Asuka. Additional DLC characters including fan-favorites Yumi, Murasaki, and Ryona will be released after launch.

Oh boy, that sounds buckwild. I’m sure you’ve seen videos and GIFs of this game floating around — if you just really need to experience it firsthand, it will arrive as a digital download this summer.

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Written by Bryan Finch

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