Super Mario Odyssey was all about traveling around the Kingdoms, taking in the sights, and gathering every Moon you could. Part of that fun came with dressing Mario up and making use of Cappy to toss a whole haberdasher’s worth of hats around. He wasn’t the only one with some brand new headwear though, as plenty of familiar Mario enemies got in on the fun. Consider the Goomba:

The textbook example of a video game enemy has come along way, and at least in this game they were Mario’s equal in the style department. Note the top hat, perfect for a moonlit wedding. Summer may not be here, but thanks to this little guy I bet visors are going to be in. And that Santa hat? Ho-ho-hold the phone, I know who I want a present from this year!

While Goomba did indeed don a few of these or things like them in game, it’s great to see what could’ve been if they made their way to other locales. Maybe these could make their way to the game in some form yet, though, as Mario Odyssey’s string of surprise updates don’t seem to be stopping any time soon.

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Written by Ricky Berg

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Ricky Berg