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Seen during the Octo Expansion trailer, the Deepsea Metro is full of new faces for players and Agent 8 to discover together. While the shop keeps above ground have their quirks, these rail-riding residents raise the bar of Splatoon character designs by deep-diving into undersea creatures seldom seen. Have a look:


Courtesy of the Japanese Splatoon Twitter account we’ve got a better look at several of these striking citizens. Lantern sharks, blobfish, gulper eels, flashlight fish — all these and more are now a part of this aquatic ambiance that is the daily train commute.

What really makes them work to me is just how normal their looks and behaviors are outside of the outlandish elements. There’s something delightfully surreal about a multi-podded creature with no other physical features wearing a dress and reading a book. It’s the kind of direction I love seeing in this game, and with so much potential with marine biology, I hope more comes down the line.

Look forward to more on the world of the Octo Expansion, and hopefully these unique additions, to Splatoon’s growing world.

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Written by Ricky Berg

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