Mark Bozon, co-creator of Shantae, posted a fascinating question and poll to fans on Twitter a few months ago: Which Shantae character did you want to see join the CharaGumin (the resin figure kit) line next?

The voting was fierce as fans duked it out over a 24 hour period. It was neck and neck between Rottytops and Risky Boots — yet, with a 3% lead, Rottytops secured the win, but what’s her status now?


Volks Inc. has shared some progress at a recent event, Hobby Round 19, in Tokyo, and it looks like a poster of Rottytops was shown off next to Shantae! There’s no confirmation if the artwork displayed will resemble her final pose, but Volks was happy to share that she’s in the process of becoming a CharaGumin figure. There’s no price or release date available yet, but we won’t be shocked if Rottytops has the same treatment as Shantae’s release. Fingers crossed that we’ll see her on the Anime Expo show floor this summer!

While we wait for the next update, there’s some fantastic news if you missed out on Shantae. When we last reported the poll, Shantae’s CharaGumin figure was sold out. Since then, she’s been restocked and is available for purchase.


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Written by Jennifer Burch

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