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Here we are, at what may be the final piece of promised DLC for Shantae: Half-Genie Hero. It’s been a ride and a half for this Kickstarter success, with new characters and compatible systems (in the case of the Switch). This latest bit of downloadable delights looks to be one of the best yet though, with a new trailer showing off what can happen with a little wardrobe magic:


The Ninja outfit is the easiest to break down, offering some speedy moves and expected tricks. Wall jumps, throwing stars, and vanishing right before your eyes are all skills for aspiring ninja — and Shantae pulls them off in style.

Get ready to hit the beach with the swimsuit collection, offering a risky change up to the formula. You may have access to some powerful new attacks and techniques, but you’ll have to gather up sunscreen to keep things at ‘tan’ rather than ‘burnt’.

Last up is the biggest change of all and a big love letter to Mighty Switch Force. This Officer outfit gives you a police issued pistol and the ability to shift blocks into the foreground and background. It’s all kinds of new platforming opportunities and a shoutout to an old favorite all in one!

Those who backed the game may be receiving their complementary codes today, but for anyone who missed their chance, you can pick up the DLC for $7.99. If you’re holding out for the Ultimate Edition of the game coming to store shelves on April 24th, rest easy — this pack’s included with it at no extra cost.


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Written by Ricky Berg

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