Last year’s Easter Pikachu collection over in Japan’s Pokémon Center stores was unforgettable. That amazingly cute glimmer in Pika’s eyes and her (you can tell it was a girl by the heart-shaped tail) beautiful flower crown really made an impression on those who picked up the very limited products. In fact, the collection was so successful that the theme made a return this year — and it included a very welcome addition: Eevee joined Pikachu in celebrating Easter!

If you’re like me and you live thousands of miles away from all those Japanese Pokémon Center stores, you’re probably aching for a closer look at all that sweet, sweet merchandise. Well, I can help you there! As luck would have it, my best friend is visiting Japan right now and she made sure to spend a lot of time scouting the nearest store on release day. She was kind enough to share her experience with me — and now you — through a series of photos, all of which are available below.

Upon arrival first thing in the morning, she discovered a super long line of fans waiting for the Pokémon Center to open. Once they were all let in, the madness kicked off in full swing. People were scrambling to add everything they wanted to their baskets before stock was sold out. Plushes, keychains, bags, and more were beautifully displayed all around the store — and luckily, the staff was quickly restocking items as they disappeared from shelves. As with any special collection though, it’s safe to assume that the overall stock will soon be gone for good, as these holiday series are extremely limited in quantity. Several items are already sold out over at the Japanese Pokémon Center store.

Have a look at what this adorable collection offers by viewing our gallery — all photos courtesy of the fantastic Jen Wilhelm!



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