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In what will be the first Kickstarter I will have contributed to in years, YouTube personality Joe Vargas, aka “Angry Joe,” announced that he’s been working on a Street Fighter miniatures tabletop board game for two years. Not much information is given regarding gameplay as of yet, but all will be revealed on April 4th when the Kickstarter launches.

In the launch video, Vargas says working on the game has been a dream come true. He explains that the game comes with six (very beautifully crafted) figures of Ryu, Ken, Chun Li, Zangief, Vega, and Sagat, with an expansion that includes Akuma and M. Bison launching alongside the game. The base price for the game will be $80, which includes those six figures, multiple decks, four maps, and 3D terrain. Higher tiers and stretch goals will be made available.


I’ll take a look at the campaign when it launches and break it down for you. Personally, I’m extremely excited, as it combines my favorite game series with a style of board game I’m a huge fan of!


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Written by Bryan Finch

A video editor by trade, Bryan Finch is a lifetime Nintendo fan, and he loves writing about his passions. He also spends too much time playing and watching fighting games. Bryan enjoys​​ movies, comics, cooking with his wife, and the idea of Elite Beat Agents 2.