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The Splatoon 2 expansion has been making waves already with the announcement of playable Octolings and plenty more single-player story content. Thanks to the ever active Japanese Splatoon Twitter account, we have a few more key details about the content.



It sounds like what ultimately gets the playable Octoling (aka Agent 8) up and moving underground is the Squid Sisters’ performance, perhaps the very same one from the climax of the first game. It’s also stated that the strange, underground facility you wake up in doesn’t exist in time and space normally, laying on even more mysteries to Splatoon’s world.



We already knew Pearl and Marina would be playing a key role here, and while we don’t have the full details plot-wise, they’ll play some role in letting you skip stages. No details on if this is a limited service or what the game might offer if you complete everything (as opposed to just getting to the end), as it’s also stated using Off the Hook this way won’t get in the way of earning the playable Octoling.


Speaking of the Octoling, it’s been confirmed they’ll offer no differences when playing online. No better or worse than Inklings, they’ll work as a customization option, probably just the same as hair style or eye color. Whether eight tentacles or six, it’ll all come down to your skill when it comes to tearing it up online.

Look forward to more on the Octo Expansion as we get wind of news — it’s coming this summer for $19.99.

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Written by Ricky Berg

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