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Thanks to the Japanese Twitter account, we now know that Splatoon 2 will be receiving a new patch late tonight in North America and early tomorrow morning in Europe.

The notes have been roughly translated from Japanese to English below. We’ll make sure to update you with the official English notes once they’re made available.

Splatoon 2 v2.3.0 Patch Notes (rough & dirty quick translation)

(This is just the main/sub/special part; additional notes found at the link.)


Aerospray MG / Aerospray RG
· Increased the amount of droplets dropped by bullets

.52 Gal / .52 Gal Deco
· Reduced the bullet spread of the first shot while also extending the time it takes to reach max bullet spread

Jet Squelcher / Custom Jet Squelcher
· Bullet spread after jumping reduced by 20%

Clash Blaster
· Intervals between shots reduced by 2 frames (22 frames -> 20 frames)
· Adjusted the number of splash droplets and painting radius so that the area painted per droplet does not become unexpectedly tooblarge due to the above change

L-3 Nozzlenose / L-3 Nozzlenose D
· Increased bullet speed by 25%, without changing the range

H-3 Nozzlenose
· Improved the bullet spread after jumping
· Increased the area of paint upon landing a shot

Carbon Roller
· Extended the distance of maximum damage possible by a horizontal swing by about 35%

E-liter 4K / Custom E-liter 4K
· Increased the speed of the bullets at full charge by 50%, however the range is unchanged

Mini Splatling
· Reduced the time it takes to recover ink after shooting by 10 frames

Hydra Splatling
· Extended the firing duration by 25%

Dualie Squelchers
· Reduced the bullet shake when standing in a normal position by about 20%

Undercover Brella
· Expanded the coverage area of the umbrella as a whole


Squid Beakon
· Opponents near your installed Squid Beakon will now appear on the map


Tenta Missles
· Holding the ZL button will now allow you to swim through the ink until fired

· The player can now change direction in the air more quickly, allowing for more agile movement

· The player can now change the direction of the Baller more quickly, allowing for more agile movement


Custom Splattershot Jr. … 190 → 180
.96 Gal ………………. 200 → 190
Gold Dynamo Roller …….. 200 → 190
Splat Roller ………….. 170 → 180
Slosher Deco ………….. 190 → 200

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