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Payday 2 is releasing on Switch on Tuesday, and while the heist-based cooperative shooter has garnered some attention for the handheld hybrid, scandal has struck in the days leading up to release — as internet sleuths have discovered, the game at launch will be running version 117, while the PC build is currently at update 172, making the Switch version missing over a whole year of updates.

The Payday Subreddit has an excellent rundown of the situation, and here’s a brief summary: Somebody acquired the game early and streamed it, and all evidence (save some slightly more updated graphics) point to the game’s content mirroring that of version 117, the “Most Wanted” update, which is 55 updates and nearly two years behind the PC. This was corroborated by co-developer Starbreeze (warning: Swedish), who said as such in an interview.

While the prospect of Payday on the go is still enticing to some, the fact that the game is so severely out of date on launch certainly doesn’t bode well for its future endeavors. Stay wired for any updates on the situation as we look towards Payday 2’s Switch launch on Tuesday.

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Written by Amelia Fruzzetti

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