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If you’ve been wanting to try Kirby’s next adventure before you buy you may be in luck, as a curious Google search result seems to hint at an upcoming demo.

GoNintendo, and various posters on ResetERA, have searched “kirby star allies demo” in the search engine and the top result, an ad which directs to, says a demo is heading to the Switch eShop on March 4th.

While not everyone will see the ad, due to regional differences and Google’s internal algorithm, the amount of people claiming to have seen it does suggest it’s real. It’s also worth noting that the last two big Kirby games, Battle Royale and Planet Robobot, both received demos, so it wouldn’t be too surprising.

Hopefully we’ll receive official word of the demo soon.

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Written by Tom Brown

Whether it’s an exciting new entry in a series long established or a weird experiment meant only for the dedicated, Tom is eager to report on it. Rest assured, if Nintendo ever announces Elite Beat Agents 2, he’ll be there.