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Players who were eager to get their hands on Rime for their Switch consoles back in November of last year when the game released were quickly disappointed to discover issues with frame rate and resolution. Most of the frame rate problems occurred when players would explore the world outdoors in open areas, and sometimes the slowdown even persisted once moving indoors. Watching the game move so sluggishly in the large, open pastures, where the vibrant colors and stunning scenery were supposed to grip players, prolonged the entire gaming experience — and in the long run, it affected the emotional story that was trying to unfold.

This disruption very much affected the success of Rime on Switch, and developer Tequila Works and publisher Grey Box addressed the criticism soon after the release, fully acknowledging that the game wasn’t quite perfect. And now that more time has passed, it’s refreshing to hear that they’ve been hard at work improving the game for everyone who’s been affected by the problems.

According to several players who have been sharing records of their time with the game on Reddit and YouTube, a recent update (v1.02) applied to Rime has tackled the frame rate stutters and issues with the undocked resolution. To get a better sense of how the fixes affect gameplay, check out this comparison footage provided by Direct-Feed Games:


The improvement with flow and clarity is most definitely noticeable with the side-by-side take, and fans of the game are rejoicing over the vast changes. While some folks are still frustrated over the late application for the issues, we can’t help but focus on the positive here: the dev and publisher took note of problematic areas and did everything they could to better the experience for players. Hopefully, you’ll agree and give the beautiful game a chance if you haven’t already taken the time to dive into the world of Rime.

You can view the full list of patch notes from Grey Box on the publisher’s official site.

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